Distance emonTX can send data to emonPI?


How far can be there between EmonTX and EmonPI outdoors to make recordings? I have about 30 meters between my emonPI and emonTX module.

Thank you very much for your help and happy new year

Provided that there are no substantial obstructions in the direct line (and hopefully no large reflective surfaces that could give rise to multi-pathing and cause a dead spot) then you should be OK at 30 m. I have used the older RFM12B over that distance without a problem. I believe the claimed range for the RFM69CW is nearer to 100 m, so although we operate the transmitter at the same power as the RFM12B, not at full power, the receiver is said to be more sensitive.

Sounds as if adding external antennas (if needed) would be fairly easy too.

With directional antennas on one or both ends of the radio link, chances for a solid link increase quite a bit.