Display Brightness and SSH Disable?

How do I increase brightness of the screen on my emonpi?

Also how do get rid of the “SSH Disable?” request on the screen?

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I am not aware of any support for that.

Using an inadequate power supply and cable can cause several issues - amongst them a dim screen. I believe both should be rated to supply at least 2A.

There is a screw to adjust the contrast - inside the enclosure, on the underside of the LCD screen.

I have just tried enabling SSH on an emonPi running the latest software and it doesn’t persistently show the “SSH Disable?” message afterwards: I can just cycle through the options by pushing and releasing the button. Does the button on yours do anything?

I’m using the supplied power supply and cable. It’s worked fine, I think up until the last update but not sure of timing.

I don’t fancy taking unit off the wall to dismantle so will just have to put up with it.

When restarted the button will cycle thru all items then gets to the “SSH disable?” option. Then if I push and release nothing happens unless I push and hold to disable SSH which I don’t want to do. So display stay on the “SSH disable?” prompt.

Short push and release, twice.

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