Device feed/process and dashboard creation from templates on account creation


I’m looking to have templates on new account creation for:

  • Device feeds and processes
    The feeds and processes should be created automatically from a template when a new account is created or a new device starts uploading data
    I believe Chaveiro’s device module is a good start, have to explore it: GitHub - emoncms/device: Emoncms device module

  • Dashboard
    A dashboard should be created automatically from a template. A possibility is that the template be shared by all accounts (or account types) so that when the template is edited/updated all accounts use the new version. Other possibility is to have a method of synchronizing the template to all/selected accounts.
    The Applications module could be an easy start but it’s not flexible for different accounts.

I believe some of these features would benefit the main branch but I’m willing to discuss custom development.

What you suggest is that the installs are also identical with the same hardware.
It is indeed nice to have pre configured templates (especially for beginners) but since we can attach all kind of things in all kind of ways, not sure you can pre configure all possible cases.
Plus you tale way all the fun of discovering OEM

Yeah I also mentioned this before.
It would be really handy to have a way of pre configuring feed processors and dashboards.

We usually apply quite the same hardware setup to different installs. So it takes time to apply all feeds manually and what you’re doing is just basically copying over.


My point is exactly as bart.ellast mentioned: same hardware setup, different installs.
The processes and the dashboards are quite extensive so copying is not an option.