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Dev: OpenEVSE Type-2 (non-tethered) enclosure (EmonEVSE)

For a while now we have been collaborating closely with OpenEVSE. We have been reselling their tethered EV charging stations in our shop and working on developing the WiFi gateway firmware using an ESP8266 to provide a web interface UI and Emoncms, Solar PV divert, MQTT control and logging features.

We have been working on a version of the OpenEVSE in an enclosure with a type-2 socket (non-tethered). We now have a working prototype.

Three-phase (up to 22kW) can easily be supported with a 4P contactor relay.

The unit is currently undergoing certification and will eventually by eligible for the OLEV EVSE grant.
Please reply to this thread to register your interest and follow developments. We are interested in working with distributions.

The unit will include all the OpenEVSE features including the latest WiFi gateway:

We’re currently reselling tethered OpenEVSE charging stations with the same features (just without a Type-2 socket) via our online store:


Testing going well :smiley:

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How’s the testing going so far?

If this will be available soon, I might consider it.
OLEV doesn’t apply to me as I’m in Belgium. I just think a type 2 socket will be more future proof than a tether, since the EU stated public charging should use type 2.

I think the same way you do.
I would also buy -at least- 1, if it would be available for purchase.
(OLEV is not important to me either)

Guys, please consider to offer at least the enclosure in your webshop.

Hi @janh and @molnar,

Testing has gone well. Both the single and 3-phase versions have passed certification testing. We just needed to add an AC filter (common-mode choke) on the AC input to filter out the switching noise from the AC-DC controller power supply. A batch of PCB’s to mount the filter components have been ordered. We hope to be able make the unit available for purchase very soon. We are currently preparing the certification paper work and documentation.

Good idea, I will make the enclosure and type-2 socket available to purchase in our store.



Wow, really awesome :slight_smile:
Very promising…

The type-2 enclosure is now in the shop :+1:

We will soon be adding the fully assembled and certified unit to the shop. Thanks for your patience.

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Is it still your intention Glyn to apply for EVHS Grant registration for the Type-2? Do you have any timescales for it?

We’re working on it. Sorry, can’t give a time frame as the process is out of my hands. I will let you as soon as we hear back.

I have the sparks running cable for an EVSE in my new house next week, but it’ll be next year before it’s needed… hopefully that’ll give you enough time! :smiley:

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Hi @glyn.hudson :smiley:

So if I get it right, you have ordered new PCBs for the openEVSE controller that are more CE-compliant? Or will it be an extra PCB that sits between the controller and the mains?

I now have ordered my EV. It will be delivered late summer/early fall, so I want to install my EVSE equipment during the summer. I’ll keep an eye out for the complete kit with enclosure, controller, wifi gateway and contactor.

All that’s required is an AC filter which sits between the AC input and the open_evse controller. See:

This will be enclosed inside the enclosure. It just filters the switching frequency from the on-board SMPS on the open_evse controller. This is required to meet EMC reg. The filter PCB has now been manufactured. We will be adding the type-2 OpenEVSE controller to the shop in the new few days. I’ve created a poll (see below), please help us prioritise by completing it. Thanks.

We’re getting very close to launching OpenEnergyMonitor OpenEVSE with type-2 (non-tethered) socket. Please help us prioritise manufacture by completing the following poll. Feel free to select as many options as required. Thanks for your support and patience.

I’m interested in a non-tethered OpenEVSE with the following options:

  • Single-phase
  • Three-phase
  • Fully Assembled
  • Kit Form
  • I want the unit ASAP
  • I want to wait for OLEV approval

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Will it be possible to load balance between several units? In my case “just” between two units? The source is max. 32A single-phase and need to be shared by two chargers. There must also be a function to limit the max. available load/current for the load balancing to play with. For examples, in the afternoon just home from work the source could be limited to 16A due other stuff going on in the household and the overall intake limit. The during the night the source could be increased to 32A again. Ideally this could maybe all be done automatically by monitoring the intake and adjust available current to chargers on the fly. Maybe it’s already available in the firmware/software?


Great news, thanks!
I made my vote.: 3 phase, KIT, ASAP.
Thank you very much in advance.

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This is not yet possible, it will not be too difficult to implement it using a similar algorithm to the solar PV diversion. There is an open issue on the WiFi-gateway firmware github page:

It you want more control it would be possible to control the charger using your own NodeRED flow for example to issue RAPI commands over MQTT / HTTP to set the charging rate.

Thanks for your reply. Will have to read up on this.

When do you expect to have these new units in stock as full assembled unit? Will they have the same certification, for instance like CE, also as a kit or will that just follow the full assembled version?