Demandshaper controlling Tuya plugs

Hi Folks
I’ve just got the Demand Shaper installed to control my openEVSE at the Agile cheapest prices and I think it’s doing what I expect. I’d also like it to control some smart plugs. I’ve got Node Red controlling them but it would be cool if we could get Demand Shaper to talk to them (direct or via Node Red?) Have you got any tips on how to achieve this?

Tim Robinson

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Great to hear that you have got it up and running controlling your openEVSE @gr0mit!

How are you controlling the Tuya plugs via Node Red? are they via MQTT or a remote cloud?

I’ve been using the remote cloud API. I’ve not reflashed them. I’ve managed to switch things on and off using Node REd via

which seems to work. Would be good if we could find a neat solution to add this into the mix for Demandshaper.

Tonight will be my first night charging my Leaf with OpenEVSE and DemadShaper pending my migration to Agile Octopus. Let’s hope it charges or I will not make it to church tomorrow morning!!


Daft question, have you installed Demand shaper onto your OpenEVSE or is it on emonCMS - I’ve not read up to much into it

You install it on emoncms.

Thanks Tim, Had me confused for a bit :thinking: