Deleting Datapoints


One of my sensors went a little wonky and I’ve got some corrupted data. Is it possible to remove the bad data without deleting the feed. I tried to use the visualization tool and that doesn’t seem to work with these feeds.


What type of feed?

Realtime - PHPFIWA

How “Wonky” is the data? there is a tool for removing spikes from phpfiwa that may help you.

Alternatively have you tried using the feed api’s? (click “Feed API help” in the top right of the feeds page for info).

I do not think you will be able to delete data from a fixed interval feed but you should be able to over write with good data or replace the datapoint values with a null.

Having said that it looks like the “update” function of the phpfiwa is incomplete and since it’s being phased out, I do not see that being finished any time soon, if at all. Maybe you could convert your phpfiwa to phpfina

Any way to use this tool if I’m using the Emoncms cloud server hosted version? I had a sensor go crazy and give me a data point like 1000x normal value, now my graphs have totally wrong scaling :frowning: