Deleting data - how? (

Hi all,
What’s the right way to delete data that has been recorded on

The reason I want to do this is because I’d like a nice clean record starting from a fixed date, without spurious values and gaps whilst I’m still setting it up and finding my way around. My lifetime COP is way off :slight_smile:

I’ve tried deleting feeds and creating them again, but the old data comes back! Surely there’s an easier option than that anyway?


If you want to delete a feed you need to be sure to remove the Feed not the Input. Since if you remove the Input it will be re-created next time the data is posted from the device. Removing a feed should be permanent.

Is it possible to edit data using edit-daily or edit-realtime vis tools. However it is tricky to correct a large amount of data!

Thanks Glyn.
I can’t see those edit options on the visualisation page, any clues?

Oops, Bill!

Evan did say he’s using (In the thread title), so neither EmonPi or emonBase, and flushall isn’t available to him there.

I think Glyn offered the option of editing the data (i.e. cleaning up some of the points) as an alternative to deleting the lot, not as a means of deleting the lot. In general, because of the way the databases work, it’s not possible to trim the data.

Yep. If it had been a snake, it would’ve bit me!

Post deleted.

Thanks both. I must have deleted the input rather than the feed before.
Good to know there are edit options on the self hosted version.

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