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Delay data online

Hi @TrystanLea
Please take a look, there should be some queue.
About 2 hour on feed
Thanks for all

Hi, I’m experiencing 5hr delay on feeds, started somewhere around 7am (Belgium time). It went from 3hrs to 5 hrs but it seems to be catching up slowly



I seem to be missing data from the last 7 hours. My local feeds in the emonpi and another off site version of emoncms both have live data but nothing in Before seeing this thread I checked the API etc in the config file and also topped up my subscription in case that’d run out but no joy so far

My guess is you’re all waiting for @TrystanLea to notice and re-balance the servers. I don’t think anyone will actually lose data, my understanding is it’s just held up in a queue waiting to be handled.

Apologies for the delay, I can confirm one of the queues has grown unusually large today, I’ve changed the timing delay on this queue to accelerate processing. It should clear a bit quicker now. I will update once it is clear.


The queue is now clear, all data back on time! apologies for the confusion this causes!

All fine
Thx for all :wink:

Same problem this morning 2 hour delay
Thanks again in advance

same here, almost 3hr delay. Is it normal that in the feed list,the feed size seems stuck at 41MB per feed?



Yes, seems that something is uploading at a much higher rate than usual and also processing slowly, it looks like it should clear within the hour.

Fully in sync again,