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Database error, you may need to run database update loop

Good morning.

I have installed a modified version of emoncms, for a project.
When trying to login, i receive the message: “Database error, you may need to run database update”, but when checking for updates, the message: “Database is up to date - Nothing to do”.

I’m new to this app, so I’m not sure what to do about this. Any clues on how to resolve it?

Hello @paulapiechnik could you give us a bit more information on your system? How is emoncms installed and what are the modifications?

I’m not sure about all the modifications made. I know the version is a bit older (9.8.31), but since I’m new to both the project and emoncms, it’s a bit hard for me to point them out. There are other people using this adaptation, so it shouldn’t be any code-related error.
The installation was made through cloning the project from a private project on GitLab.

Thanks @paulapiechnik im afraid i don’t have enough information to go on to work out what the issue might be, have you tried asking the project maintainers who have made the modifications?