Data viewer refresh with My Graphs

It seems that the default interval in Data Viewer doesn’t get updated when a stored graph is retrieved:

This shows the screen immediately after the graph is retrieved and is displaying 6 hours, as set-up.
If I now click the refresh button in the top left the timescale changes to ‘1 Week’ as this is what is listed.
Is this the expected behaviour, or should the default timescale be automatically restored with the graph?


The interval updates ok for me here, but the time window selector e.g “1 week” does not update to reflect the saved graph. Is that what you are seeing?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m seeing - apologies if my description was unclear :confused:

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I submitted a fix for the selector in this pull request - it might need separating into its own PR, as it only fixes the embedded version…

Refresh the graph every minute when embedded in a dashboard by MrTimbones · Pull Request #143 · emoncms/graph · GitHub
Bonus: it also attempts to update time selector to match the saved period instead of the default of “1 week”, which always bugged me.