Data transfer from to local Emoncms

I’m on windows XP-PRO SP3, with WAMPserver 2.4, PHP 5.4.16 and emoncms local, Apache 2.4.4.

I have been using for a year and a half logging my Solar Power generation and would like to xfer all the data,
feeds etc to my new local emoncms that I just installed (latest version). I have read all the posts on this and I’m wondering if it still works. I tried usefulscripts backup but got some errors and never was able to do the backup. Does anyone have a similair situation but working so maybe I can modify my backup.php the same way ?? With windows the \ and / are always confusing etc …

AFAIR it’s not only the direction of the slashes, but also the count, I believe you may need to double up. See this except from the emoncms windows install guide for example

In the feedsettings section uncomment the datadir defenitions and set them to the location of each of the feed engine data folders on your system:

On Windows '' must be escaped with another '' hence the '\'

In the 'Other settings' section, change the $log_filename location to:

$log_filename = dirname(FILE).'\\' . 'emoncms.log';

I actually used the backup script yesterday on a linux server with no problems (sorry I know that doesn’t help you directly), although I only used it to download the files, I did not “link to a local emoncms”. Perhaps you could try doing that first to ensure that first bit works and you have the correct path formatting before linking to the local account.

Unfortunately I do not have a windows box with php installed to try.

Thanks for the info but its very little help to me because as I mentioned I followed everything to the letter as per the instructions and the backup.php isn’t working … I finally played around with ALL the \ and replaced them all with / (all the \ were also replaced with a single /, if I didn’t do this then I would get syntax error unexpected ‘’) and then I got it to work a bit further down until line 63 : require “process_settings.php”;

I get the error : PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘process_settings’ (T_STRING) in …

The best way for me to resolve this is to actually have a copy for someone running the same configuration as me … There’s got to be someone running good old windows out there ???

The local version of emoncms seems to working properly as I tested it like mentioned in the instructions. Last step is to get my web data to my local install !!!

So this seems impossible to transfer all the data from

I tried that backup tool as well and some of feeds are with error and and some of seems to be updated but in reality there are no new data. I would need to do all from scratch to get those working again.

Please tell is there a way? My local emoncms is newest fresh install.

Are you using the local emoncms on a windows machine ?

I have a new Ubuntu virtual machine for this on top of windows.

Any ideas?

Sorry but no …

Its still not working for me. I followed the install guide 100% but there’s something missing and nobody seems to be able to help out. I can’t believe that no one has a Windows Install with an Wamp server … Anyways, I have given up but still use my for monitoring and when I have the time I will write my own Windows PC based system …

Good luck and keep me posted !