Data missing on local emonpi, but its on How to sync from

From time to time, I find that the local feed writer stops writing data, but it still transmits data to I’m trying to sync the missing data from to my local copy. When I use the sync module, it says it works, and the data has synced, but I am still missing the data locally. Is there something I can do to get this back?


This is probably caused by the log folder filling up. Is SWAP use high? that is a good indication this has happened.

Checkout this thread.

Feedwriter does not send the data to, emonhub does that and this continues even when feedwriter (which puts the data into the local database), has stalled (often it appears to be active).

I think you will find you will need to execute

sudo systemctl restart emoncms_mqtt.service

to get it to restart feeding.

[edit] If you run an update, things should improve.

[edit2] I am not sure if you can get the data back or not.