Dashboard selects last 5 items always

I got 9 dashboard items. Selecting one of them through setup/dashboard and then view icon works fine. However if selecting through dashboard on top of screen the last 5 are selected (blue) after I clicked one I always get the first one of the 5 shown. Tried different browsers, but all showing the problem.

When you say 9 dashboard items do you mean 9 seperate dashboards or 9 different items on the one dashboard? can you send screen view?

Hi John,

my understanding of emoncms is that you display one dashboard at a time. If you want to see more to show in the one dashboard then add the items required and then scroll up and down the dashboard concerned when it is displayed.

Hope this helps.


There is definitely something odd about the dashboard views when selected from the top. I have seen similar behaviour but cannot replicate it reliably. Have you tried rebooting your system? (I am assuming you are self hosted). I have a dashboard that never shows when picked from the top.
I am not surprised as it never has a view ID:-


Selections that work do.




I have had similar issues i found remove what is in the alias box on your dashboard and the problem goes away . I suspect you have the same alias for all the highlighted ones.

Thanks Dayfdd. Removing all the alias text also worked for me. Cheers Jan

I am using the web version. Workaround is remove alias, see below