Dashboard not showing kwh delta graphs since month switched to May'23

Hi, i use EmonCMS with 4 SDM630 for 2 years now on a RPI3B+ without any bigger issues. great and stable. Since yesterday May1st i do not see any bars in the graph for the 1st of May and the days after…

Did reboot, Software Update,…nothing changed the situation. Also checked all inputs, all is updating frequent as before.

This is my software state, should be the latest releases.
Components: Emoncms Core v11.3.0 | App v2.6.10 | EmonHub Config v2.1.5 | Dashboard v2.3.3 | Device v2.2.2 | Graph v2.2.3 | Network Setup v1.0.2 | WiFi v2.1.1 | Backup v2.3.2 | DemandShaper v2.2.2 | Postprocess v2.2.7 | Sync v2.1.4 | Usefulscripts v2.3.10 | EmonScripts v1.6.14 | RFM2Pi v1.4.1 | Avrdude-rpi v1.0.1 | Emonhub v2.5.5 | EmonPi v2.9.5

Any idea what goes wrong???

Thanks a lot Norbert

Hello @njordan

Did you manage to sort this by any chance?

First thing to check would be the EmonHub log, emoncms inputs and feed statuses…

Are you using EmonHub to read from the SDM630 meters?

Thanks for pushing, and sorry for not reacting anymore. i tried to fix it or find the problem myself. it seemed that the dashboard did loose the links to the related feeds. not sure if this is “normal” in that it happens sometimes. after 2 days i managed to lets say reset the dashboard that way.

The only sad/annoying thing is that the 2 days lost did not come back…so it seems that the dashboard does save its “daily” delta values by itself, not stupidly using input feeds…

kind regards