Dashboard Files Location


Where is the locaiton for the dashboards I create? I want to copy them over to another emoncms installation and re-use them?


The dashboards are stored in MySQL. Backup and restore the emoncms db and you have everything there.

Unfortunately That’s not an option for me, as I have started to log new data into the new database. Do you know which file(s) I need to grab to get just the dashboard restored?

There are no files for the created dashboards. The dashboards are stored in MySQL.

So you have to at least backup and restore the “dashboard” table. The content of the dashboard is stored in the “content” column.

Where is the original emoncms hosted? do have access to the mySQL tables?

If so, each complete dashboard is saved as HTML div’s within one field of a record in the “dashboard” table.

Using phpmyadmin you can access and copy any one dash by copying the HTML out into a text editor and replace all the feedid’s with the new feedids from your new emoncms instance, then paste the edited version into a pre-made blank dashboard’s record in the new instance.

It sounds more complex than it is, are you familiar with phpmyadmin? once you install that and have a poke around in the SQL tables it will become more obvious how to do it.

Thx Paul, got it restored.