Dashboard editing vs. viewing

I have a LED on one of my dashboards that I cannot select or delete. It is off the “workarea” when I go to edit the dashboard, but when I view the dashboard, the background includes the LED.
I have two captures showing the viewing screen and the editing screen. The red circles show where the work area bounds are, and I cannot change that. The yellow circled LED is the one I am trying to remove. The blue circle shows where a graph selection box ends off the work area. I also cannot select the dial with 292 inside.
How can i increase the work area and/or delete the unwanted tems?

How do i attach an image?

Drag & drop it into the box you type in, or upload it - it’s the “uparrow” icon Selection_301 along the top edge of the box you type in. Hover your mouse and it’ll pop-up “upload”.

Thanks Robert!
Here are the screen captures:
The “view” dashboard:

and the “edit” screen: