Dashboard: controling scale of graph

Hello Community.
I’m trying to build a dashboard. I’d like a graphs of recent power levels for each of my feeds. One graph per feed. And I’d like the graphs to be at similar resolutions. In other words, 1000w is the same height on all graphs. I’ve tried a variety of graphs, but I don’t see a way to control the scale of the graph.

What do you suggest?

Hello @jasonnet, you can do this using the emoncms/graph module. E.g:


You can save a graph created with the graph module and load it into a dashboard.

Thanks Trystan. That helps. But now I have the problem that the graphs displayed in the dashboard don’t seem to automatically show the most recent data. Instead they seem to start on the time period that was being displayed when the graph was saved… Is tthere a good solution to this? (BTW… I can start a new topic for this if you’d prefer.)

Hello @jasonnet, if you click on one of the buttons:


and then click save it should enable ‘floating’ time. Alternatively if you select up to the present time it should do the same.

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