Dashboard Container resizes after save

I have a problem with resizing dashboard container (reducing size) each time i hit save it’s size reduces by 1px. How do I fix that??

edited emoncms\Modules\dashboard\Views\js\widget.css
line: border: 1px solid to border: 0px solid seems to work at least as a temporary fix.

That sound odd, are you saying if you were to subsequently add 10 more widgets after adding the dashboard container and were to save after adding each one, the box would then be 10px smaller?

yes that is exactly what was happening. I created some containers 250px hight by 400px wide touching each other and after hitting save or not modified couple of times they began to move further apart from each other by 1 px.

Okay, can you give us some info about your setup? emoncms.org or local install? Version of emoncms?

Which container white, black, grey or blue line? Although you would expect them to all be the same, I use multiple white boxes over a single grey box on many dashboards and have not experience this issue so it’s worth asking.

Is it just the containers or does it happen with other widgets too?

What grid size do you have set for the dashboard editor?

Are we talking about a horizontal or vertical shift in size?

Any answers to the above or other info you provide can you say if its with or without the local edit you have made to border size if relevant.

here is the info + a poor quality video but still good enough to see what I am talking about:
basically what it does is reduces the containers after addition of a new container or by clicking on save it does not affect other widgets at least the once I’ve tested.
tested on 20 and 100 grid size
It affects vertical as well as horizontal size.

Demo - YouTube

Update: I just tested it in Chrome and it seems is working as is supposed.
the main browser I am using is Firefox v56.0.2 (64-bit)

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