Dash Background Fails to Save

Hi Guys

The dash fails to update the background color after you have changed it and saved it. Once you update the page it reverts back to the default color.

What I have figured is that if you change the color in the SQL it will stay the new color but the config page does not update the color in the sql.

Has anyone come across the same issue?

Sever : Home - WAMP windows server
Emon version : | 9.7.8 | 2016.11.10


Also see github issue Dash Background Dont Save

@Paul_F_Prinsloo I’m guessing you are Paulf007 so this link is just for other users.

Yes thank you Paul.

Any thoughts @Andreas_Messerli?


Did that ever work? Just tested a 9.1 instance I had running on another server and it did not work there too. Plain Stock Emon CMS.

Is that a windows server too?

Are we saying this is specific to a WAMP server?

Whilst I cannot vouch for any windows installs, I can confirm the background dash colour is selectable on both my self built RPi server and my emonPi. Both are up to date.

Yes, you are right, it’s a windows server too. One is IIS and one is Apache and on none of them it is working. So you are able to change and store the dashboard colors? Interesting…

Yes, I have never been aware of a problem with saving dash backgrounds and I do use it fairly frequently, but only on Linux/Apache (on Pi’s), I colour code dashboards for easier recognition when I have several windows open.