Current Sensor configuration Type 3 (through inverter)

Hello, i use SOLAR PV installation, but differently of the suggest Sensor Installation (type 1 or type 2) i have a different configuration with the inverter in the middle.


The inverter have connected inside solar pannel and battery.
How i should configure the AC sensor?

I try:
AC current import ( before the inverter )
AC current solar ( after the inverter )

power1 = GRID = import
power2 = SOLAR = solar ???
but sems wrong because the AC sensor (power2) is after the inverter and measure import + solar.

Obviously i can’t measure inside the inverter that is a black box.

I see that this type of configuration is quite often used with some type of inverter that take care of control every thing.

Any suggestion?

Thank’s a lot

Welcome, Angelo, to OEM.

There is a reason why we ask for the COUNTRY where you live - it is so that we have a better idea of your electricity supply system. I am guessing you are in Italy, is that correct? Please add your Country to your user profile.

Yes, that is wrong. ‘Power1 = Grid’ is correct. It will, provided that you also have the a.c. adapter, measure both import and export - export will appear as a negative power. But Power 2 is not Solar production, it is house consumption. With your inverter connected as you say it is, all you can know from the two measurements that you are able to make is the difference between the grid power and the house power. That difference could be the power to charge the battery from the grid, or it could be what remains after the solar panels have charged the battery. You must obtain the value for solar production from the inverter. Does your inverter have a data output that will give you (for example) solar production and the state of the battery? If it has, you might be able to use that.

Because you have neither a Type 1 nor a Type 2 installation, it means that you might need to change some of the mathematics to allow you to display useful information. Where you need to do that depends on what you are using to gather and display this information.

Thanks a lot, yes, I am in Italy … I have now updated the country field that I had not see before.
I have the AC adapter but in any case this type of inverter will never supply the power back to the grid.
OK I understand, with my configuration, the value of the solar power (real) will be given by my power2 - power1.
Thanks again.