Current best practice to get data from Sunnyboy inverters? (windows10, arduino ESP8266 or raspberri Pi)

(Matthew) #1

I’ve managed to reconnect with my inverter via the oxley solar app. Want to setup an auto monitoring system with daily uploads to or similar.

suggestions welcome. I code a lot, mostly in python, found some git repos but not working for me ATM.

(stuart) #2

Hello, I wrote the SMA/Sunnyboy import routines for the OpenEnergyMonitor project - they are installed by default and configured through the emonHUB software - you will need a bluetooth adapter to talk to the inverter(s).

Similar code is also found in the Oxley Solar App who appears to have ripped my code off :frowning: without acknowledgement!

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(Matthew) #3

Is there a git repo I should be referring to?

I found this.

On phone atm. Will look at the code soon.

(Robert Wall) #4

I think this might be where you should be looking: Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Other Software→SMA webbox data extractor→Extracting Data from an SMA WebBox

(Bill Thomson) #5

A heads-up on this one. May or may not apply to the OP’s question.

(stuart) #6

I was referring to my code inside emonhub…

(Robert Wall) #7


Paul B (@pb66 ) has written an explanation of what happens with emonCMS & Bluetooth only yesterday: Multiple problems w. EmonTx and RFM69Pi

(stuart) #8

Thanks for that link @Robert.Wall I’m still stuck on PI2 so don’t have the bluetooth problem - I’m using a USB external bluetooth adapter - class 1 so it has a longer 100m range.