CT1_Wh, how is it stored between the Atmega and Emoncms?

Just curious.

After a power cycle of the board, the Wh cumulator for the CT sensor is set to zero, as you would expect:
long CT1_Wh = 0;

But i noticed the feed in Emoncms is retaining the figure, when the input is reset.
Is this Emoncms being clever and detecting a reset / rollover of the Wh input ?

I guess the same will happen for the “pulseCount” input when i set that up?

Does the “Wh Accumulator” feed from an input do the same?
I assume this is a pre-defined accumulator for 1000 pulses / kWh ?

Indeed it is.

I can’t confirm that, but once it’s converted to Wh and becomes a Wh feed, I think the same process will apply.

Great stuff. Thanks!