CT clamp looping

I’m moving to a new house soon and will need to move the Emonpi and a powervault battery (new build so no solar for a couple years :frowning:

I will need to install the CT clamps in the consumer unit for both the Emonpi and the powervault but will the small size of the cables makes the reading less accurate, these are currently installed in the main house around the main meter so a much thicker cables?

Also, could you wrap the main feed cable around the CT clamp twice this will fill up the CT clamp hole more and give better reading at low power draw as the reading would be effective doubled? The only downside would be the max reading would be halved would end up with a max of 245v * 50amp = 12250W?

Do you mean a current transformer? The only sort of clamp I recognise is a busbar clamp.

If you mean a current transformer, then

No, the c.t. works on ampere-turns, the cable size makes no difference. The only time it might make a difference is if you DO “clamp” the c.t. onto the cable with wedges or something silly like that, when there is a real risk of you breaking the very brittle ferrite core - and that will write off the c.t.

All that is true - and I think inferred by the first point I answered - it works on ampere-turns, so double the turns, halve the amperes and you get the same reading. You will need to scale the output accordingly, of course.

The number of turns you’ll get through depends on the wire size. And repeating myself again, you must not force the core onto the bundle, or it will snap.