Creating public dashboard for community solar project

Hi there,

I am trying to make a public dashboard for a community solar project. The idea is that it will just be an IP address that can run on a web connected display in a school. However I am struggling a bit with the implementation.

I use a windows machine and have not changed any of the Emoncms code.

The inputs are from a third party logger that I am sending to Emoncms using the write API key.

I have enabled the relevant feed (generation) as public.

I have configured a new dashboard that displays realtime and cumulative generation: Emoncms - user login

From the Emoncms user guide I am not clear on whether I need to build the widget into my own website (which I would rather not do) or if it can be hosted by Emoncms.

If hosted by Emoncms, I don’t know what the URL structure should be.

The threads here:
don’t actually spell out what you need to do (to me anyway!).

I would be happy to use the MySolar app if that could simply be made public but again I don’t know how to do it.

Any help appreciated,


If created on the site
Then view Emoncms - user login.
Locally, I don’t know.