Creating multiple settings/feeds/dashboards for multiple sites with Arduinos

we are using as the collecting cloudserver for our Arduino computers
as we have to build 7 sites with nearly equal settings it would be helpfull to automate the setups like creation of feeds and dashboards
The purpose is that we are starting a competition between 7 sportsclubs in the Netherlands and are placing roughly 7 Arduino’s per club which have unique logins to the site to collect the data
Making backup of data is no problem but how can we extract the settings for feeds and dashboards? Are these placed inside the MySQL database?
By copying these settings to the other 6 logins saves us a lot of time.
The is the website we want to use to collect data from these 7 sportsclubs and create graphics to show all competitors how they are doing. The baseline for the competition is there electric usage over the past 3 years. This initiative is derived from out club MHC de Reigers by which we won the contest held in our county. Goal is to reduce the use of electrical energy to save money and CO2.