Copy Dashboard to another system

I have just spent ages creating my new dashboard that will be displayed on a monitor.
I wondered if there is a way to copy this so that I can use in on my fathers OEM setup which is virtually identical? Would save hours of work.

This is all local on emonBase

Also, is it possible to remove the banner along the bottom?

Also a Thank You to @Paul_F_Prinsloo for his great YouTube video on making a customised/animated Dashboard.

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Looks good!

If you open the Dashboard Configuration dialog box (click the cog in the floating toolbox when in dashboard edit mode) and scroll down, the html for the current dash board “content” is there to be copy and pasted into another page/account/instance etc.

You will obviously have to play with the feed references as the feed ids will undoubtedly be different, but if you are planning on using all the same feed names you can change the way the feeds are referenced in that page from feedid to feed name in that same dialog box, just above the content.


You will need to save the changes and probably exit edit mode to check that the dash still works ok etc before going back in and copying the revised content.

The line at the bottom can be edited/removed in the Theme, I can’t recall the exact location, but it should be easy to locate by searching for the “powered by” text. I’d recommend duplicating the Theme with a custom name and changing the settings.ini/php to point at your new theme while you experiment, if thing go sideways you can always swap back to the untouched Theme, this method will also prevent local changes from blocking future updates to emoncms.

Thanks Paul, should have realised that myself.

And yes you are right: var/www/emoncms/Theme/basic/theme.php
removed the following:

<div id="footer">
    <?php echo dgettext('theme_messages','Powered by'); ?>&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>
    <span> | <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><?php echo $emoncms_version; ?></a></span>

The only reason for removing this, is for a cleaner look on a small monitor in the house that will display this dashboard and possibly cycle to another one (Graphs) every 15secs. Will also be running an old iphone (kiosk mode) inside a surround to give a ‘live’ view of Solar, Battery, Grid and house usage (Like Ecoeye energy monitors), in the lounge for quick reference.

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