Converting Type 1 to Type 2

I am running emonpiRelease: emonSD-30Oct18. I have Solar PV, and it has been working fine set up as Type 1.
The planned installation of an EV Chargepoint will upset the cabling, and I will probably have to go to a Type 2 setup, measuring import/export at the meter.
When I change the Input calculations, what will happen to the display of data from before the conversion?

You can still append to the original “use” feed in addition to the new import/export ones.

In type 2, Use is Solar + Import - Export.

You might want to consider going to a later version of emonSD when making the change.

OK, so I think you are saying that when I update the calculations which produce “use” ,“solar”, “import”, (will the wizard work for the new setup?) then it will continue to write data to them, but nothing will change retrospectively, and (apart perhaps from a short period during which I get it all sorted out) the graphs will continue without being affected by the reconfiguration.

I can see that I may need to investigate how to trim out a period of records if things get too wild.

As for updating the emonSD, that is more homework for me, as I haven’t touched the system since I installed it.

Yes, none of your stored data need be lost.

I was reluctant to do the update but then it turned out you can do it via a menu option.

Don’t confuse Inputs and Feeds.

The difference between a Type 1 and a Type 2 installation is the quantities you measure. Both measure two out of three from Grid, House and PV. If you measure your house consumption (Type 1) or calculate it from [Grid + PV] (Type 2), then as long as those two values end up going to the same Feed, all will be well.

Well, today was the day, and by simply using “Configure Device” and selecting “Type 2”, all the feeds appear to have been set up correctly.
There was a short period during the work where the logging had continued with the original configuration.
So as not to have anomalous data points, is there a way to edit retrospectively, or would it be better simply (I don’t actually know how) to delete data for this period?

It is possible (or it was until the latest update - I think someone had problems, I don’t know whether they have been solved) to do a certain amount of editing in Setup → Visualisations → EditRealtime.
The options are fairly limited: you can scale all the values in the window, or delete all the data in the window, or you can type a new value for each individual point (and you need to zoom in to see each individual point).

If you decide to go for the alternative way of deleting the data, then that’s done on the Feeds page. Select your feed (tickbox), then click the bin icon to delete, then you have three options: completely delete the feed; empty it of data, or delete the data up to a time (Trim).

There’s no “undo” whichever way you do it, so take care.