Controller shows 60000ms for the round trip

Can anyone offer any suggestions why my controller webpage is displaying 60000 ms for the round trip? It also show many errors on the modules page 5 of them have less than two errors and the other 27 are all between 1500-2500 Bad Packet Count.

It seems to be working despite these numbers, but I would like to make it work properly.

the only other glitch for me is in the modules page when I click CONFIG on a module, i have to click and wait over and over as many as five times for it to show the config section. strange behaviour i’d say


Hi @Michaelillingby few points on this:

  1. You should never see “ignored request errors” - this means all the modules ignored a request for something, very strange - perhaps why the timing isn’t working
  2. What version of the code are you running (look in the About page)
  3. Are you running 16S x 2P ?

I suggest that you upgrade the code to the latest version - this will then also include the “Balance energy used (mAh)” counting. You will need to upgrade both controller and modules for this to work.

I am running two 16s packs atm. Upgrading the firmware is a pita atm so that will have to wait. I may reconfigure the to a 2p16s pack which mean half the number of modules. Since that means dismantling everything I would upgrade firmware then. I was actually hoping that yourself or someone else was going to redesign it for the 89 mm spacing for the prismatic cells. I was then just going to replace the whole thing.
So sadly I suppose this will have to wait.

It may only need the controller updating, what version is it currently at?

That’s still a possibility, but its not at the top of the list at the moment.

Platform & Version



Ok, that version is here.

dates back to 16 Dec, there have been several fixes since then for people with more than 16 modules, I suspect this will fix the problems you see, but will mean updating both the controller and modules.

The Jan 2021 update was the big one, this significantly changed the way the system works and will improve what you are currently seeing.