Controller not talking to modules

After the debacle the other day where I fried 2 Wemos Pros, I have an issue that I’m sure will be easy to fix, but I thought I would make it a single topic, whereas the old one had about 4 different issues to look at, and was confusing to read.

I have now received my Wemos Mini’s. I grabbed the latest repo from Github and used VSCode to flash the Controller. All went well, it’s visible and I have set the Wifi to the network I want it on. The webpage is visible, so far so good.

Next I have 2 working modules (the others seem to be dead now). I have also flashed these with the latest code from Github, all still good.

When I plug in the wires and connect everything up (single cell) I am not getting any communication between the either module and the controller. I’m seeing the Blue led on the Wemos flash, but no green LEDs on the controller or module. The module is just doing the double blink after 8s.

OK, found the issue I think. Incomplete solder join on the Ground Pin on the Wemos.