Connection red node to emonpi


I can’t get my emonpi connected to red_note.

I read a lot but I can’t find out how I would get connected.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks a lot!


Hi Jos - did you set up the MQTT node? It will need a Server name and a Username and a Password.

Attach an image of how you have set things up within the MQTT node.

Hi Jon,

I have not setup a mqtt node . I was Thinking it was pre installed .

Can you provide me with a link on how to set up ?



Are you using an EmonPI, the emonSD image or have you installed it locally?

I was referring to the node-red MQTT node. Double click on the MQTT node-red icon and you should see something like this:


then click on the pencil and send a screenshot.

Hello Brian,

I bought an EmonPi pre installed from the webshop.

Hello Jon,

This are the screenshots.

Ah right - MQTT should be installed

The above looks correct!

And on the Security tab is the Username and Password correct? (sorry I cannot remember the default password at the moment)

EDIT: the default password is: emonpimqtt2016



EDIT2: You can test MQTT via the command line. See MQTT - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hello Jon,


After changing the password i got connected.

Kind regards,


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