Connecting RFM69Pi AND official Pi screen

Hi there, any advise?

I have just purchased a RFM69Pi (to provide 433MHz comms). This plugs onto a Pi 4 (I assume, the instructions relate to older Pis) covering the right 10 pins. Pins 1-10, including GND, 5v, SDC and SCL.

The official raspberry Pi screen comes with 4 jump leads, to go to GND, 5v and SDC and SCL. I gather SDC and SDL are needed to make the touch feature work.

Is there a way to make the official touch screen and the RFM69Pi work together?


This might help RFM69Pi V3 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki.

RFM69Pi only uses 3.3V, GND and GPIO 14/15 for Rx/Tx and GPIO 4 for reset.

It should be no problem to use SDA and SCL on GPIO2/3. You will just need to rig up some sort of adaptor to make the physical connectors e.g

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So the touch screen works without SDA and SCL. I’ve left these out. Not sure what they do.

I’ve taken the neutral to pin 34 on the Pi, and I’ve soldered a 5V connection to Pin 2.

The next question will be whether it fits in the case I’ve ordered for today. Should have it working soon. Touch wood. :slight_smile:

Thought for next version: Do you need to cover pins 1 (3.3v) and 2 (5v) of the Pi, when Pin 4 is also 5v?

It just makes the fitting more stable.