Connecting emonPi to new Wifi network


Apologies if I’ve put this in the wrong group but I’m trying to connect my existing emonPi (hope this is the right name for the hardware - see pictures) to a new WiFi network.

I’ve done this before but for some reason despite unplugging the device multiple times it’s not broadcasting its own network as it’s done previously.

Any thoughts on how I force it to broadcast a network?

To clarify, it was connected this morning, I turned off the old network, created a new one but it obviously hasn’t been told how to connect to the new network so I need to access the settings.

Thanks in advance.

Chris image image

That isn’t an emonPi - it looks like an Ioatwatt to me.

I suggest The IoTaWatt forum is a better place to ask a question that is specifically about the operation and use of IoTaWatt. That is managed by Bob Lemaire, its creator, and he and the other users there are more likely to have the specific knowledge to help you.

The IoTaWatt forum uses the same software as this forum, but you must register a new account there. If the user name you have here is not taken, it might be helpful to have the same user name in both places.

If you post your question there, I’m sure he or somebody will get back to you quickly.

Can you add a second WiFi SSID/password to the router - if so add you old one to it.

My solution to this is when you fire up the new router, you change the SSID and password of the new router to that of the old network. Everything will then connect although probably to different IP addresses.

Saves an awful lot of hassle when moving Broadband provider and you use their kit.

The other way is to buy a cheap WiFi AP (£15 quid) and connect it to the ISPs router and connect all the IOT stuff to that AP.

This unit is the heatpump monitor GitHub - openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor: Open-source Heatpump Monitor :slight_smile:

@Clw did you build and upload firmware to this unit yourself?

Can you check what the ESP8266 module is printing via serial during the boot up and wifi connection attempt sequence?