Confusion about input and nodes

Regarding to the restrictions for new users I have to cut my post.

My question is how to set the node names correctly in emonhub.conf. I get in the log hints to a fault with that FROM NODE:

2018-03-25 06:20:49,705 DEBUG    SerialDirect 1 Timestamp : 1521958849.7
2018-03-25 06:20:49,706 DEBUG    SerialDirect 1 From Node : 56.48
2018-03-25 06:20:49,706 DEBUG    SerialDirect 1    Values : [37.94, 42.5, 39.75, 27.12, 26.69, 24.31, 26.94]

The nodes config:

   nodename = RPICT4T4
   hardware = RPICT4T4
       names = power1, power2, power3, power4, T1, T2, T3, T4
       datacode = 0
       scales = 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
      #units = W,W,W,W,C,C,C,C

Can someone give me a hint, please?



What you have done seems ok except emonhub is expecting a node id at the begining of the payload so it is assuming your first value is a node id.

instead of val1 val2 val3.... it’s expecting nodeid val1 val2 val3....

What are your emonhub settings for the serialdirect interfacer?

What is the source of the data and which FW?

Try adding a nodeoffset = 11 to the runtimesettings or get the FW to print the node id in the serial output.
The latter is safer if you have any more than one serial/usb connected device.

Dear Paul,
thanks for your reply. In the meantime I found the major fault. The firmware (1.5) was set to csv instead of emonhub.
If someone uses the RPICT4T4 (or similar) I would like to mention that its firmware must set to format = 3 (not 2) according to the wiki.

Excuse the dumb question, but what is a RPICT4T4 ? and what FW are you referring to?

No question is dumb. Only answers could be :wink:
The RPICT4T4 is a Raspberrypi Current and Temperature Sensor Adaptor and the firmware I mentioned is the firmware from the adaptor I use (RPICT4T4).

Ahhh! yes Chacal

He developed this on our old forum a few years back and was selling them on ebay.
unfortunately the attachments are lost now

No, the question is quite often dumb, but what the questioner wanted to know wasn’t.
[Meaning: The way that the question was asked was unclear and left too much in doubt.]

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