Config.ini in install and update folders?

The readme for the install scripts says to change the config.ini in the /opt/openenergymonitor/EmonScripts/install/ folder. It is suggested (or have I misunderstood this?) that the default installation location can be changed by modifying the file.
At least it worked when I did that and everything seems to be working. Except when I then tried hitting the “Update Emoncms” butting. the update log window shows that that the script tries to access the default directory. Upon looking in the update directory I see another config.ini which has the default locations and not the ones I modified the install folder config.ini to.

So as stated above. Is it just bad practice to change the default location? Or is the idea that I SHOULD be able to specify a non-default location? If the former, I guess I could use ln to link to the location where I would like everything to be installed instead. Or can anyone immediately see potential issues with this?

Changing the location where the scripts are installed will require editing the shell script.
Otherwise, you should edit the ini file. The code at the top of the config file should idetify that location I think.

Yes the design is that you SHOULD be able to specify a custom location. However, this has not been fully tested.

I thought I’d spotted this before and raised an issue, but it appears not. I have now.

I had noticed that a custom data location is not carried forward to the main settings.ini file.

If you have specific things that you have found and fixed, you might like to submit a PR. There was a suggestion at one point that the init file could be passed a parameter for the install location but I think that got push out to future enhancement.

As per my previous post on another thread, the project is going through some growing pains from an initially restricted environment towards a more general capability. You’re lucky in that ubuntu is very similar to raspbian so you’ll stand a good chance of making it work and any problems you do find will help the project.

I tried to install on a different linux (openSUSE) and found a (to me anyway) overwhelming set of problems. I may come back to it once it installs/works well on Ubuntu and Debian.