Complex home system and goals - where to start?

Hi All!

I’ve started developing my own system around RPi and home monitoring, but came across these pages and would like to get involved in the community.

We are based near London, and have a 4kW SMA Sunny Boy inverter. We also have a heat pump system. I’d like to monitor home energy usage around the clock, solar generation, and heat pump statistics and usage. We do also have a log burner plumbed in to the heating system for the coldest winter days, and in the future that may also be good to monitor as it has its own heat exchanger and water pump (automation of these would be amazing!)

Where should I start building my system? I’m thinking of going for an emonPi, but I do already have a spare couple of RPi’s kicking around.

I would recommend starting with these pages as it will give you a nice overview of what can be done with OEM

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