Compiled .bin for the older versions of the firmware including the broadcast daemon

I recently bought and installed the wifi relay and it works fine, except I was hoping to publish status and temperature to thingspeak via MQTT. But as another user points out in this forum, the relay adds /status/DS18B20 to the end of the topic and that format is not supported by thingspeak. As I can see it, Martin’s original firmware included a broadcast daemon which could do the job for me. It looks like this daemon is also in the firmware found here: ESP8266_Relay_Board/1ch_relay at master · openenergymonitor/ESP8266_Relay_Board · GitHub
Would anyone be able to compile a .bin out of this repository such I can use the OTA upgrade method, or maybe post instructions on how to do so myself?

@Martin_Harizanov will you be able to help me out here?

It is not so simple…that firmware is not compatible with the latest hardware, I am afraid… if you have node-red running somewhere, it would be a 5 minute task to gateway MQTT to thingspeak. alternatively you could try compiling and using the thingspeak esp8266 ds18b20 example (ESP8266-DS18B20-Thingspeak/ESP8266-DS18B20-Thingspeak.ino at master · terahurts/ESP8266-DS18B20-Thingspeak · GitHub)