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I’m sorry if this is not posted in the right sub topic, I couldn’t really find one that matched the correct information on my question.

My company has begun R&D on a sustainable off grid house using generators, inverters, and PV. I have been tasked with creating the monitoring platform we can monitor energy usage / consumption.

Choosing Emon for the visual display and logging, I have successfully been able to pull data from each piece of equipment through Modbus TCP on a PI. I am also able to use the POST method to my input list on my own Emoncms server that we host through amazon aws.

The question that we keep circling back to as a company is: Is this legal for us to sell to customers? Is there anything we need to do as a company to protect ourselves, and not claim the Emoncms as our own, but simply a user interface that we use? Is Emon only free for open source projects, or can we use it as a business to sell to customers? Do we need to list anything on the website, or not modify anything on the website in particular?

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Welcome, Drew, to OEM.

This has got to be a question for @glyn.hudson & @TrystanLea, the founders of OpenEnergyMonitor, to answer.

Hi Drew,

Great to hear your considering using Emoncms. You’re totally welcome to use Emoncms as part of your commercial service offering. The only requirements are that you adhere to the GPL Affero V3 licence. Here is a good overview:

You may copy, distribute and modify the software as long as you track changes/dates in source files. Any modifications to or software including (via compiler) GPL-licensed code must also be made available under the GPL along with build & install instructions.

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Thank you very much!

I appreciate the help and quick support.

I look forward to reviewing!