Colour of time and usage My Solar App

Hi, is there a way to change the colour of the time and watt text in the mysolar app. It appears grey on my tablet and is very hard to see (old eyes😁).

Only if you are happy with editing text files on the emonPI?

Hi Stuart, thats not a problem, I used to work with QNX in a past life, forgotten about 99% of that now though😁

In which case, logon to the PI and try these commands…

sudo nano /var/www/emoncms/Modules/app/apps/mysolarpv.php

Scroll down the file until you see function draw_powergraph() change the xaxis line a few rows below it to read

xaxis: { mode: “time”, timezone: “browser”, min: view.start, max: view.end, font:{size:16,weight:“bold”, color:‘white’}},

The key parts are the new font settings at the end

To change the “USE NOW” and “IMPORTING” title colour:

sudo nano /var/www/emoncms/Modules/app/css/dark.css

Find the line starting “.electric-title” and then change color:#aaa; to color:white; (for instance)

CTRL+X to save and exit the editor

Once the above changes are made it should look like this:

DISCLAIMER: Future upgrades to the MYSOLAR app won’t work on your PI unless you manually apply them!

Excellent thanks for that, getting a concrete slab poured at the moment so will try it later, regards Martin.