Coexistence 7" LCD and radio module on raspberry pi

I am trying to build an emoncms on a raspberry pi with LCD screen and have purchased a radio module to receive the data from my Arduino nodes. Can the radio module coexist as the LCD uses SCA and SCD which I think are also used by the radio, bit hampered as an not see any hardware setup details for the radio module. If it is documented can you please point me in the right direction,



Do you mean the LCD uses SDA and SCL?

The RFM2Pi modules cover most of the first 26 pins of the GPIO, physically connects to the first 10 GPIO pins and only uses p1(3.3v), p6&9(gnd), p8(Txd), p10(Rxd) and p7(as a reset pin), it does not use the I²C pins 3&5 (SDA & SCL).

Many thanks, now understand