Changing ext temp sensor from 4150 to 3950

I have brought 100 off temp sensors with 1M fly leads with 2.54mm plug on the end for my BMSs, they are 10K 3950 that will suit my LTO batteries, I have then noticed that the earlier version boards that i have use a 10K 4150, I didn’t realise this until I try them on the version 4.21, this there a way to change the setting in visual studio?, I have notice that in the start of visual studio there is a listing of each ext temp for each version, can i edit this and reflash to the 3950 temp sensor?


; 20 balance resistors marked 6R2 (6.2ohm)


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I’m curious to have looked at the same part of this code for the 440 module. The code snip below is completely commented out.

//Start bypass at 4.1V
myConfig.BypassThresholdmV = 4100;

//Murata Electronics NCP18WB473J03RB = 47K ±5% 4050K ±2% 100mW 0603 NTC Thermistors RoHS
//myConfig.Internal_BCoefficient = 4050;
//4150 = B constant (25-50℃)
//myConfig.Internal_BCoefficient = 4150;

//4150 = B constant (25-50℃)
//myConfig.External_BCoefficient = 4150;

// Resistance @ 25℃ = 47k, B Constant 4150, 0.20mA max current
//Using SRS Thermistor Calculator

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Might be as easy as comment out the unwanted one and change the comments on the wanted one?

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