Change IP diybms V4

I like to change the IP address fom my V4, I try the console over serial connection, but I get so many messages (Victron over CAN for example), so I can not type in the Wifi Password.
Is there a way, to switch off this messages over the console?

Hello, you want to configure a static IP address?
I would also be interested, but I have not found any settings for this.

I like to change the DIYBMS login to another router, it is possible over the console, but DIYBMS send a lot messages, so not possible.

You should be able to reset the wifi during startup of the controller by pressing the space bar when it prompts for that. You shouldn’t need to worry about other output as that won’t be active during that initial startup point.

I have now solved the “problem” with the IP in my router, I could manually move there the IP assigned by the DHCP to the areas where the DHCP has no access.

If you want a real static IP, it will probably be more difficult. There I have no idea…

The approach you have taken is the simplest approach to assigning a static IP to the diyBMS system. On most routers you can associate a MAC address with a specific IP address to be assigned via DHCP.

Configuring a static IP within the diyBMS code is considerably more complex and is not really worth all of the hassles associated with it.