Cell communication problem error CRC, OOS

I have moduls 4.40 with Compiled_Firmware_2021-10-14-09-15, controller ESP8266 (D1 mini).
Tomorow I read on webpage:
The controller is having difficulty communicating with the cell monitoring modules
Counters displayed many OOS errors and CRC errors - about 90% all packets!!! - controller all 15 min self resets, periodicaly. What is problem? last week all works good…
this is printscreen:

end state, after any days:

I load firmware compiled my friend, now all working correctly. 3 days…

errors reading with I using “Compiled_Firmware_2021-10-14-09-15.zip” - 2 pcs wemos D1 mini working correctly only one week, and send errors, reset, errors look at first picture… Exist any next user with this problem?