I have created the same Categories as on the old forum Hardware, Software etc. View these by clicking on the Categories tab in the top right or browsing to:

It’s possible to have sub-categories e.g. Software > Emoncms

I would be interested to hear if you think we should take this opportunity to change the category titles or add some new ones? I believe less is more in the case. Best not to confuse users.

Categories are nice to add some structure but I like being able to click on latest to view the whole forum as a flat list: OpenEnergyMonitor Community

I’d like to see users take advantage of Tags instead of sub-categories. I guess the hard part then becomes getting people to Tag posts…

The Tags can span categories. An “emonPi” tag can appear in hardware and software.

(I tried to add a Tag to this post but I couldn’t figure out how)

EDIT: looks like a Tag maybe part of a plugin.

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Tag plug in in installed. When you make a new topic you should be able to tag (bottom left courner). I’ve just create a rest post in the sandbox with the tag ‘test’

problem is, what happens when people don’t tag ? You end with a bunch of topics on a pile … means a modo/admin has to go clean up the mess. Also what tags do we need ? all free or a pre defined set ? If you let free I’m afraid they won’t be very useful for the search option as a subject can have several tags … and add to that typing errors : emoncms emocms emoncs …

plus honestly, when I look for some info I like to have an ordered system where I can navigate to sections.

Tags are nice, but a think a few loose categories are still nice to have to keep things organised. I have created the same categories we had in the old forum

guess this will be the best option, keep some categories to have a minimal order and if people will use tags, we will have best of both worlds

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