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Can't reset manually EmonTx network credentials

I’m using the emonTx with the wifi adapter and I have already connected it to a network through

Now I need to change those credentials but pressing the reset button only reboots the device I think but it doesn’t reset the credentials. I don’t see the wifi network espwifi to connect again.

Welcome Agustin to the OEM forum.

To reset the WiFi module to disconnect it from your local network and put it into AP mode again, hold down the boot / GPIO0 button on the ESP8266 module for about 5 s, this will force it into WiFi access point mode.

I’ve done it. Thanks.

Now the issue I’m having is that when I connect to my home network through the configuration page of the emonTx I have to wait 10-30seconds for the emonTx to connect to the network. The setup guide instructs me to wait until I can see another IP address as a “successful connection response”, I would say. But whenever I try to connect, it says “wait 10 seconds…” and it stays that way. Right after that, the emonTx wifi adapter stops advertising WiFi and I never got the chance to read what’s my new emonTx ip address. How can I know this IP address? Is that the only way?

Hope I’m making my self clear. And thanks for the quick response.


You can look at your router. That will give you the IP addresses it has allocated to all the connected devices.

It will appear as “espwifi…”

Solved! Thank you very much Robert. Have a great day


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