Can't find my feeds in

After flowing this steps 3. Log Remotely - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor I can see the inputs on Emoncms (with some delay has expected) but the feeds are completely empty. What am I doing wrong?

On the Inputs page, do you have “Log to feed” defined, and have you set up a feed there, named it and added it?
Did you Save everything before leaving the Inputs page?
[Disclaimer - that’s almost all I know about emonCMS]

on my Emonpi I have the log to feed definedon Emoncms I have no way to configure it.

You have emoncms in two places. There is emoncms on your emonPi, and emoncms at

I think you are using your emonPi both as a host of emoncms, and to send data to

The only link between the two systems is that the basic data flowing through emonhub (on your emonPi) is sent by emonhub to two places, to emoncms on your emonPi, and to So you have to treat the two as two completely separate systems. You must set up the feeds and dashboards that you want locally, and then repeat the procedure at But beware, the two versions are not exactly the same. Features generally appear first on the emonPi, and then if possible they make their way to