Can't download CSV file

I have a new installation and am feeling my way around it. Everything works fine except I can’t download a csv file using the feeds page. If I choose a node, click the download icon I get a box up asking for start & end date & time and an interval. If I then choose these it shows an estimated download size of xxxkB but when I press export I just get a new browser page with the word ‘false’ at the top left. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using or local emoncms? emonSD or self-build ?

What feed type are you trying to download?

I suspect you might be refering to (download size in kb not mb), if so are you setting a value for “timezone” or leaving it as “NaN”? You could try setting that to 1.

Ah - I was using - when I use local emoncms it works fine and also now when I use and setting timezone to 1 that works too (I wasn’t sure what should go there so left it as NaN)
Thanks for your help