Can't delete inputs on via API


I had running a script which created a load of wrong inputs. Now I am trying to delete them with
but I always get
Input module: Page not found. Back to input/view

How can I delete this inputs automatically?

See emoncms/emoncms/issue#684 The correct use of that api is

and the documentation has now been corrected in the repo but not reached the live server.

There is also another api call that would possibly be much easier to use if you have not added processing to those new inputs

will delete all inputs that have no process list in a single call, to preserve any inputs that you wish to keep but do not currently have a processlist, you can add a simple “scale” or “reset to zero” process so it isn’t cleaned (deleted) as deleted inputs will recreate with a higher inputid and throw out the viewed order. For example if you have a node with inputs 1, 2 and 3, if only 2 has no process list and you run “clean”, input 2 will be deleted and recreated on the next posting, but when viewed on the inputs page the order will be 1, 3, 2 because 2 has a higher inputid.

Thank you very much.
clean.json worked great.

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