Can't create Stacked visualisation

I have 2 sources (total kWh with 2 different costs and updated every 15s) with the same process list :
1 Log to feed Node 1: node:1:HCHC (feed last value:1056264.00)
2 Wh Accumulator Node 1: Consommation HC (feed last value:29733.00)
3 Log to feed Node 1: Log Conso HC (feed last value:29733.00)

I have about 1 weeks of data and it show correctly with “BarGraph” and delta=1.
With Stakced, I setup with “Consommation HC” and "Consommation HP) but output is a blank graph (Y from -1 to 1 and X : Jan)
Same with StackedSolar and Zoom.

Are you using emoncms local or remote

Sorry, Emoncms on local installation. Version 9.6 | 2016.05.11

I investigate a bit more and the problem is with the queries fromthe stacked view.
For Bargraph I have this request :********17e66bb93c245b3e4ac06dcd (work fine)
For Stacked :********17e66bb93c245b3e4ac06dcd
return “false”.
If I put &interval=86400 in the second request I have a response.

little up, if someone can give me an advice …

Bug found in stacked.php.

What bug have you found? Please share info so we can try and fix

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I still have problem with stacked because we can’t choose scaling, and in the top left, unit is wrong (kWh/d when I’m looking kWh only). Don’t have time tonight to work on it …

Thanks a lot for the PR, this seems to fix for me. Stacked vis now display while before they did not. I will check with @TrystanLea before I merge.

However the scaling does not seem to be quite right as it’s displaying data back to 2011, waaay before my feeds were created!:

Clicking on a recent month bar shows a more expected view:

same here, first view start in 2011. And i see there are other files impacted by the confusion between day dans daily. I made a comment on the PR.

And another problem in your view : You don’t have 30 April ! In my view I have the same problem. Today we are 18 May and I can’t see data in stacked view for 17 May …