Can't back up nor update emoncms 10.1.6

Hi, I have a local raspberry pi install of Emoncms (Version: 10.1.6) that wasn’t installed by me since 2019, it came packed in with raspbian installation provided by ICC

In emoncms I have all the logged data read by ICC from my old Axpert 5.5kw hybrid inverter but now that I changed the inverter for a 8k deye hybrid I need the new program from ICC: ICM, and this ICM also needs to be installed from 0 in a new preinstalled version of raspbian, so basically I need to completely erase the current raspbian completely and while there’s isn’t all that much important stuff on this raspbian installation the 1 thing I would really like to keep is my old inverter data from emoncms

But there are several problems, first off I think there’s something wrong with my emoncms since the full update button literally does nothing, it just sends a trigger and then it dissapears, nothing on the log

I tried installing the backup module but that doesn’t show up on emoncms and I had to make the folders
/opt/openenergymonitor and /opt/emoncms/modules since they didn’t exist which probably isn’t a good sign

as for the service-runner that I installed for the backup module on emoncms it says (red led) Activating Auto-restart (iirc on the command console on the last installation step of this it told some kind of error)

I really have not much idea about linux in general so if you know a easy way to manually update emoncms so I can install the backup module please tell me, I just need to copy all that logged data for the new installation. Thanks

Ok, I fixed it by updating by leaving the old emoncms as emoncms_old and the lastest version emoncms_new into emoncms, then I had to find where the folders where the data was stored to configure the backup module and it worked