Cannot sync data from to local installation

I created a local installation on a Raspberry PI. I added the sync module and entered user name and password. I see this in the logs (I replaced the api key with xs). But I am not seeing any inputs etc listed to be downloaded. Just empty (see attached picture). How do I debug this?:

2022-03-16 15:50:46.634|WARN|sync_model.php|{“success”:true,“userid”:YYYYY,“apikey_write”:“xxxxx”,“apikey_read”:“xxxxxxxxx”}

Hello @powermon I would recommend starting with our pre-built emonSD SD card image as it has the service-runner service running which is required for this module and everything will be in the right place.
I would test the sync module on downloading or uploading feeds first.

Thanks Trystan. I am using the Raspberry PI for couple of other things and wanted to avoid running a separate one. I did:
sudo php sync_run.php
But I still do not get the list populated. I guess I need to upgrade to 10.0.7+? I will try to figure out how to do that from 10.0.5.

Do you mean version 11.0.7? I think 11.0.5 should have everything you need. The list should populate independent of sync_run.php, you only need to run sync_run after having configured the feeds to download/upload from the list.

It might be worth opening your browser developer console and just looking at what is returned when the interface makes requests to the backend. There may be some errors there?

Did you update the mysql database via admin interface after installing the sync module?

Thanks for your comments Trystan.

When trying to sync, until I upgraded to master I did not get any of the feeds listed while running stable (10.0.5).

I did not see any instructions on need to update the mysql database. Can you point me at what I need to do?

One thing is not clear to me wrt dashboard and inputs is, do I need to cut and paste or will those be imported automatically?

Hello @powermon You can update the database on the admin update page, it’s the last entry on the set of options given there:

I will add a note to the sync module readme.

Yeah, I tried that it said no update needed.